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This Prosvent review is one you’re not going to love if you’re a huge fan of the product. Why do I say this? Well, compared to Super Beta Prostate, Prosvent is lacking.

Lacks A Key Ingredient

The reason why I say this? Selenium is the key ingredient. Which is fine and dandy, except for the fact that Super Beta Prostate has one key benefit that doctors are saying are key to good prostate health – it contains Beta Sitosterol. The issue we have with Selenium is that if it indeed is the key ingredient, then why wouldn’t you just buy it at your local Walmart/Target/Insert Discount Store here? Selenium is a very available mineral that can be taken in either pill form, or in its tastier form, as Brazil Nuts. In fact, the funny thing about the active ingredients list for Prosvent is that it contains the following:

Pygeum Africanum, Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Nettle Root Extract, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Vitamin E and D, Zinc, Selenium

Now, let’s go through those. First, we have Pygeum Africanum, which is basically the extract from an African Prune Tree. What does this mean to you? Well, there are actual studies that show that Pygeum Africanum does actually aid in “improving symptoms and urodynamics¬†in symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia” (the study is here). So, maybe it’s not so bad after all? In fact, many of the users of Prosvent do say that it does offer real effectiveness for solving some of the Prostatitis symptoms that seem somewhat insurmountable. This is a good thing. But…

What About Those Other Ingredients?

Yep, exactly. Well, first of all we have Saw Palmetto, which studies have shown time and time again may offer some help with benign prostate hyperplasia. This is a herb that people have used for years to combat frequent urination, and the fact that it’s still around speaks volumes.

The downside here? Again, this is probably available at your local GNC.

And as for the rest of the ingredients? Well, here we go: Lycopene? Eat a tomato. Yep. That’ll do.

Nettle Root Extract? Not a lot of science or study behind this as a real aid to men with prostate problems. There are anecdotal things, of course, but that’s about it.

Ok. So now the ingredient list gets really easy, really fast. Pumpkin Seed Oil… well, I think you can hazard a guess at how you would get this. The rest, namely Vitamin E, D, Zinc and Selenium are all available at GNC or other fine health stores. None have been specifically linked to helping with Prostatitis, but hey… they’re certainly not going to hurt you, either.

So What Do We Have With Prosvent?

Well, we have a supplement with a lot of ingredients that do point the way to some alleviated BPH symptoms. This is a good thing. Certainly, it isn’t such a bad thing that Prosvent offers a “free trial”, either. This part is certainly worth a shot. Their guarantee seems simple: “love it or return it”. Which is basically a nice way of saying, this has a 30 day return policy. As with most of these deals, it does NOT refund your shipping and handling, so if you’re one of those guys who like to “get freebies”, this isn’t a totally free one.

Our Verdict

Well, it certainly isn’t Super Beta Prostate, which is a lot more proven, and again, contains an active ingredient that has demonstrated again and again that it does solve prostate issues. But, with a free trial, the¬†best we can say about Prosvent is simply, “hey. It’s free. Give it a try and see what happens.”

Of course, if you’re in considerable distress and need help that we know is proven, just go with Super Beta Prostate. It just makes sense.

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