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I hate to be too unique among the massive amount of Prostacet Reviews out there, but I really question this product right off the hop. One of the biggest things I have to say about prostate supplements (also known as “Natural prostate health supplements”) is that they all tend to have a similar list of ingredients. Look for yourself: typically, if you’re buying any kind of prostate supplement, I’ll bet you that nine times out of ten you’re going to get “Saw Palmetto”.


My problem with this? You can get Saw Palmetto EVERYWHERE! Without a doubt, this is one of the most common herbs available at your GNCs, your health food stores, and frankly, your Walmarts! While not the absolutely best named herb (I reserve that for Horny Goat Weed, naturally), there are some good effects. For years this herb has been recommended, and may help reduce the size of the prostate. Certainly, I’m no doctor, but taking it helps, and helped me in the past.


Why would we pay for something like Prostacet when one can easily head down to the local nutrition store and pick up some Saw Palmetto for $10? Again, this is the same question I had with Prosvent, albeit at least Prosvent has some experimental incredients (Pygeum Africanum, to be specific). One of the things that you should know if you’re looking for prostate supplements is that hey, YOU NEED A SPECIFIC INGREDIENT if you’re going to pull out your wallet.

What I’m saying is that honestly, it’s hard to tell the difference between Prosvent and Prostacet. It’s as simple as that. Neither contain the ABSOLUTE KEY INGREDIENT for BPH or Prostatitis sufferers: Beta Sitosterol. This is, fortunately, the key ingredient in Super Beta Prostate (my review is here) which is why I recommend this product in the first place!!!

But again, I look at the ingredients in Prostacet and see a bunch of things that I would probably put in a curry, BUT NOT NECESSARILY A PROSTATE SUPPLEMENT. I’m talkingĀ  Lycopene (science-speak for the good stuff in Tomatoes), Cranberry Powdered Extract (uh, really), Cayenne Pepper (wha?) and Echniacea (well, at least you won’t get a cold while taking it!!).

If you have BPH or Prostatitis, you’re probably a little freaked out. Probably a LOT freaked out if you’re feeling anything like I was when I was diagnosed. But don’t get so freaked out that you start dropping big dollars on every white bottle you see. Don’t start taking some kind of crazy cocktail of expensive pills. Just deal with the fact that you’re experiencing something a lot of men experience, and then go with what works:

Beta Sitosterol. It just works.

So why bother with this particular Prostacet review? Well, it’s more of a public service, frankly. These prostate supplements are starting to look a little the same to me, as it seems as if almost anyone could create their “proprietary formulas” by popping a few regular over-the-counter herbs they bought at the local Target store.

So do I recommend Prostacet? No I don’t I don’t see the point. I have no Prostacet complaints, except that it’s the same snake oil that pretty much 90% of prostate supplements are trying to push. I don’t buy this stuff, especially because there are a lot of people out there that are really scared about their prostate issues. Why waste time with hocus-pocus like this when you can actually get help and get help now!

Take a look at my Super Beta Prostate review here.

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